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Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquetry or Parquet as we all know it, is the placement of wood pieces used to give a decorative effect within the room.

Herringbone is one of the most popular parquet flooring that is performed by specialist wood floor fitters such as elite floor sanding services.

Types of Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring can be not only fitted in different shapes by a range of woods are used for the effects depending on the room. The reason is mostly down to the colour contrasting from oak, walnut, pine and maple, with a more expensive option being the use of a richly coloured mahogany.

How to maintain your Parquet Floor

When it come to cleaning the wood floor it is advised that upright vacuum cleaners are not used as they can scratch the surface of the wood. We would advise using a brush and mop where needed.

Parquet wood flooring not only adds character to the buildings but it also adds value and the essential wow factor for visitors.

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