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Solid Wood Flooring

Types of solid wood flooring

There are two forms of solid oak flooring that is most common and that’s unfinished and pre-finished. The different between them are unfinished has only been sanded and has no covering on the wood, while pre-finished will have an oil or lacquer already within the wood.

Either of these can be fitted by elite floor sanding specialists, with the further option to oil and lacquer the unfinished wood.

Unfinished wood can be bought at a cheaper price due to the process of not having any covering to protect the wood. It would be worth checking what the different in price would be to get the wood unfinished and then a quote of us to varnish/oil and also fit the wood. The more that we would do the cheaper it usually works out depending on the size of the room.

Advantages of solid wood flooring

The advantages of having the pre-finished is that you will be immediately after installing the wood you will be able to walk on it.

Solid Wood flooring has some great advantages to other forms of flooring, being it can be re-sanded numerous times so its lifespan can be decades due to its also hard-wearing.

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